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  • The application of aluminum hydroxide in waste incineration treatment
  •   Waste incineration is a common in our life, waste incineration, emissions from 2 kinds of harmful substances and heavy metals, etc. The stand or fall of waste incineration treatment directly affects our health. But you know garbage incineration used aluminum hydroxide, too?

      Calcining aluminum hydroxide can generate are widely used as adsorbent, catalyst carrier, such as activated alumina, it has to promote combustion, adsorption 2 kinds of harmful substances, inhibit the effect of the dissolution of heavy metals in landfill burning ashes. When the incinerator working in the range of 800 ~ 1000 ℃, aluminum hydroxide into activated alumina. The specific surface area activated alumina is 100 ~ 200 m2 / g, have very strong adsorption capacity of various kinds of chemicals.

      Japan introduced a bag filled with aluminium hydroxide. Such aluminum hydroxide in the incinerator don't need to install special device that can be aluminum hydroxide of corresponding with garbage incinerator.

      Plastic packing materials has accounted for the lead in the product packaging. They are at the end of the service life of the general to the incineration. If in this kind of plastic products production when involved in a certain amount of aluminum hydroxide can not only maintain its original performance, but also can improve the bending strength. More major is like garbage bags containing aluminum hydroxide, the burn will reduce the production of harmful substances, have spilled to reduce environmental load.

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