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  • Aluminum hydroxide in the polymer materials
  •   When speaking of aluminum hydroxide, the first impression is used as flame retardant material, but aluminum hydroxide are also commonly used in the polymer materials. Let's look at:

      1, the metal oxide

      ATH can be produced with many metal alumina synergy, had the literature reports ATH with Ni, zinc, Mn, Zr, Sb, Fe, Ti oxides and produce synergies. Among them, Fe, Sb oxide to improve the efficiency of flame retardant and dispersion effect.

      2, alkaline earth metal hydroxide

      Alkaline earth metal hydroxide refers to Mg (OH) 2. ATH the decomposition temperature of 200 ℃ and decomposition temperature of Mg (OH) 2 to 430 ℃, and both can make up for the ATH because of its lower decomposition temperature and led to the decrease of the flame retardant properties of defects, and can make the composite flame retardant material in the process of oxidation decomposition has good flame retardant effect. It is reported that low content (< 30%) of Mg (OH) 2 has promoting effect to the ATH flame retardant, in particular, can improve the effect of carbonization of material; When the dosage of Mg (OH) 2 and ATH phase at the same time, have the best synergy effect in the polypropylene. Found by experiment: ATH/Mg (OH) 2 mixed use, within the range of 235 ~ 455 ℃ were dewatering endothermic reaction, can suppress the high polymer material in a wider range of combustion.

      3, the synergistic effect of organic silicide

      Organic silicon compound is widely applied in flame retardant polymer materials, but also such as ATH inorganic flame retardant synergistic agent effectively. Such as GE company's SFR - 100 has good compatibility with resin, the addition of it can greatly reduce the amount of added ATH, thus can improve the mechanical properties, thermal stability of system and surface finish, even under the condition of ATH high filling, rheological properties are still very good. Other reports: a kind of organic silicon compound flame retardant synergistic agent lh-zd, joined a small amount of EVA/ATH system, the oxygen index increased by 13% (34), and completely without dripping phenomenon during burning, can maintain better mechanical properties at the same time.

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