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  • Many varieties of aluminum hydroxide purposes
  •   1. Used as a carpet mount latex foam filling material and the binder

      The application of aluminum hydroxide in the carpet industry mainly use of aluminum hydroxide flame retardant filling performance. System carpet industry in all there are two kinds of latex, a binder, a bubble. Carboxylase an emulsion layer is a kind of binder, use it to bonding fixed tied around the reticular mount on carpet fiber; The latex foam coating in carpet surface in order to achieve the required thickness. Curing is made within the 120 ~ 150 ℃ oven. Usually, binder ingredients than 100 latex with 75 ~ 250 aluminum hydroxide, and ingredients in the bubble than latex with 20 to 150 per 100 of aluminum hydroxide. In general, with the aluminum hydroxide in the carpet for the D50 < 20 microns of fine grain of aluminium hydroxide.

      2. The paper packing

      Aluminum hydroxide in the papermaking industry is mainly used as surface coating, packing and production or paper. Abroad, has started to develop as early as four, the fifties and the use of aluminum hydroxide as coated with paint, and is still blank in our country. Aluminum hydroxide as the coating pigment has many advantages: high whiteness, uniform particle size and particle size distribution, plate shaped crystal shape, use it as a pigment can improve the whiteness of coated paper, opacity, pinghu and ink absorption performance. Use it instead of titanium dioxide, without reducing the premise of whiteness and opacity of paper, can save the cost, improve the paper gloss, improve printing performance. Because aluminum hydroxide granularity fine and uniform distribution, abrasion is lesser, can prolong the service life of scraper, usually paper using aluminum hydroxide granularity D50 < 1 mu m, whiteness > 99%.

      3. The medicine with aluminium hydroxide

      Aluminum hydroxide is one of the major components of the stomach medicine, and aluminum gel is acid neutralizer, it is the traditional medicine for stomach. Now some of the new stomach medicine also contains composition of aluminium hydroxide.

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