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  • The influence of filler aluminum hydroxide on the product performance
  •   In the early 90 s, aluminum hydroxide has been used as a filler in artificial marble production. Because of aluminum hydroxide at about 220 ℃ starts to break down, releasing water of crystallization, aluminum hydroxide flame retardant characteristics itself. In addition, aluminum hydroxide with unique performance, the average refractive index was 1.57, and the refractive index of cured resin are very similar, leading to compound with unique translucent feeling, elegant and elegant appearance, at the same time has high hardness, water resistance, flame retardant, prevent pollution, non-toxic, the advantages of easy to secondary molding, seamless welding, makes its high-grade adornment material is widely used. Complex performance good or bad, appearance, how to have significant relationship with as the quality of the aluminum hydroxide filler.

      The effect of oil absorption rate:

      Oil absorption rate is the main factors influencing the viscosity of slurry when using, packing of aluminum hydroxide oil absorption rate is higher, the greater the viscosity of slurry when using, under the same circumstances, the greater the viscosity of slurry means less aluminum hydroxide to add scores. Instead packing aluminum hydroxide oil absorption rate is lower, when using slurry viscosity is smaller, under the same circumstances, aluminum hydroxide filler to add attachments. According to some users reflect, and aluminum hydroxide filler to add the number, the greater the products cost is lower, more main products performance is good, such as higher surface hardness, curing shrinkage rate and lower thermal expansion coefficient, heat transfer rate is higher, as well as reduce curing exothermic, prevent craze of products, improve the flame retardant performance, etc.

      The influence of moisture

      Packing aluminum hydroxide of high and low water content will directly affect its performance and product quality, moisture content is too high, will cause the resin viscosity increase greatly prolong the curing time, is not conducive to production operation. At the same time cause incomplete resin polymerization, uneven, can produce such as so, cracking, products surface have clouds white spot and a series of quality problems. In addition, in the process of production of aluminum hydroxide, if the drying temperature is too high, can lead to part of the production process of aluminum hydroxide, and if the drying temperature is too high, can lead to some aluminum hydroxide water decomposition, or thermal water, generate soft diaspore monohydrate crystal structure was destroyed.

      The influence of the foreign body

      Now domestic aluminum hydroxide is generally a problem is the black spot is more, this is mainly due to the process of domestic aluminum hydroxide is separated from the alumina production process, some of the pollution caused by industrial production is hard to avoid. Aluminum hydroxide product will seriously affect the quality of the monochromatic products of black spots, the dust in the process of production and the color of semen will also directly affect the colour and lustre of products.

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