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  • Aluminum hydroxide in the silicone rubber
  •   In life we see composite arrester, circuit breakers, transformers, high voltage switch and insulation materials in the pipe wall and etc, coat, etc., are using fill more aluminum hydroxide methyl silicone rubber as outdoor insulation.

      mechanical properties, flame retardancy, excellent electrical performance, hydrophobic all have great influence. Years of study, to join the aluminum hydroxide filler, can improve the leakage resistance of silicone rubber mark, electrical erosion resistance, arc resistance, preventing flashover performance. But aluminum hydroxide as the inorganic filler and organic polymer silicone rubber there is a big difference in physical and chemical structure of ontology, the affinity is poor, this limits the amount of aluminum hydroxide as the filler in silicon rubber.

      Aluminum hydroxide granularity effect on the mechanical properties of the silicone rubber composite insulator: when aluminum hydroxide granularity is too small, because the particles are harder to evenly dispersed in silicone rubber system, led to its poor mechanical properties; And grain size is too large due to the specific surface area is lesser, mechanical properties and low, only when the granularity is moderate in its good mechanical properties.

      Aluminum hydroxide granularity effect on the properties of silicone rubber composite insulator flame retardant: particle size is small, aluminum hydroxide in the silicone rubber system difficult to uniform distribution, lead to the flame retardant is bad, and the particle size is too large, the aluminum hydroxide and poor compatibility of silicone organic system, can also lead to the poor flame retardancy.

      Because the silicone rubber has high temperature resistance, weather resistance, ozone, corona resistance, good electrical insulation performance characteristics, in recent years has get more and more widely used in electrical insulation system. Believe that the development prospects of aluminum hydroxide was very good.

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