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  • Theory of aluminum hydroxide particles effect on PVC flame retardant effect
  •   Three conditions of polymer continue to burn, dye, heat and oxygen. A combustion termination is missing three. Plastic burn into black smoke cigarette always white smoke. Black smoke refers to a product under the condition of oxygen combustion gas in the suspended solids; White smoke is refers to the steam condensation and other tiny particles suspended in the air. Aluminum hydroxide has certain smoke abatement effect on soft PVC, but the mechanism of black smoke is the most typical polycondensation mechanism of carbon carbon double bond, namely combustible gas aggregation and generate aromatic or heterocyclic polymer compound, and im polycondensation graphite into carbon particles.

      surface area, nuclear and smoke particles can absorb smoke, smoke abatement effect. Aluminum hydroxide, on the other hand, inhibiting the production of smoke, is due to the solid phase, it promoted the carbonization process, replaced the soot formation process. In general, it is presumably and smoke elimination effect of its dehydration absorption of heat in the combustion process. Because in the condensed phase, heat dissipation can reduce pyrolysis and conducive to the crosslinking reaction. Aluminum hydroxide also can absorb acidic gas combustion generated hydrogen chloride, further decreased amount of smoke.

      Under 50% of the same content, different particle size of Al (OH) 3 / PVC flame retardant system of the performance test results, pure PVC combustion, after the spline lit, fast burning, burning area continuously fused, fire is more and more big, the phenomenon of molten drops seriously, falling drop objects with a flame, still continue to burn after dripping, when burnt, and release is made of black smoke. And add the aluminum hydroxide flame retardants, son smoke when burning situation changes a lot, with the decrease of the particle size, fracture length increases, eventually improve dispersion, smoke less, self-extinguishing shorter time. And rod-shaped morphology of Al (OH) 3 levels better tensile strength, resistance under the condition of the same size, containing phosphate Al (OH) 3 because of the characteristics of the surface morphology, under the same level of tension, the supreme ultimate fracture length, phosphate strong dehydration effect, make out time relatively faster.

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