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  • The application of nano aluminum hydroxide fireproof paint
  •   In our life, many see the application of fire retardant coating, it is widely used in public buildings, vehicles, aircraft, ancient buildings and cultural relics protection, cable, space, etc. Belong to special functional coatings, fire retardant coating coated on the substrate surface, can extend the base material of refractory time and delay the fire spread quickly.

      Aluminum hydroxide is one of the earliest applications of inorganic flame retardants, due to its rich sources and low price, non-toxic environmental protection, therefore, know that it has now been widely used, with the continuous development of science and technology, people introduces nanotechnology in aluminum hydroxide flame retardant, in improving the defects in the use after ultrafine aluminum hydroxide, has the characteristics of nanoparticles, its content is decreased obviously. Nanometer aluminium hydroxide on the impact of fire retardant coating is mainly manifested in the following aspects:

      1. The nanometer aluminium hydroxide added to the fire prevention materials, improve coating fireproof time the main function of order Segment is at the beginning of the fire, can obviously reduce the speed of the early after China's entry into wto.

      2. The problem of reunion is nanoparticles, one of the most common problem, this problem will affect the fireproofing coatings Performance, if can solve the problem of reunion, coating fireproof performance can be further improved, this article selects the stearic acid to the nanometer aluminium hydroxide modified, the experimental results shows that modification can significantly improve its dispersion in the paint, make form white unprotected more close-grained, fireproof performance can be improved.

      3. When the nanometer aluminum hydroxide to add 6%, inorganic flame retardants and organic flame retardant system with the role of the carbon high inflation, low thermal conductivity, fire prevention for a long time.

      4. Compared with ordinary aluminum hydroxide, achieve nano-scale aluminum hydroxide with large surface area, can be in order to improve the compatibility with coating, significantly improve the fire resistance of coating, and the add quantity is low, fill in Ghana meters compared to aluminum hydroxide fireproof coating and incompletely, heating speed decreases significantly, and will not reduce the physical and chemical properties of fire retardant coating.

      Before the new material instead of aluminum hydroxide, nanometer aluminium hydroxide or has many advantages.

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