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  • Environmentally friendly flame retardant mechanism of aluminum hydroxide flame retardant
  •   Word flame retardants might is very strange to ordinary people, but they are not devoted to its application in life Born, they are full of all the appliances including home appliances. With the application of flame retardant increasing, people to the understanding of the nature of flame retardants is becoming more and more deeply. Found containing halogen flame retardants used has long-term damage to the environment and human body, so no halogenated flame retardant and smoke suppression and attenuated has become a current and flame retardant in the future Advanced topic in the field of study.

      Aluminum hydroxide as fire retardant widely used in domestic and foreign markets, using the polymer due to the class Don't differ, have taken different descriptions of the spontaneous combustion process. The general view of ATH flame retardant effect is the result of several kinds of mechanism of synergy. So the flame retardant mechanism of ATH can be summarized as follows:

      1. Dilute effect: ATH filler, decreased flammability of polymer concentration. ATH dehydration release water vapor Dilution of combustible gas and oxygen concentration, to prevent burning;

      2. The endothermic effect: in 300 ~ 350 ℃ heat absorption dehydration, inhibit polymer temperature;

      3. The carbonation: flame retardant with a strong to take off the water-based material under the condition of burning, is plastic instead of carbide Easy generation of combustible volatile matter, so as to prevent fire spreading;

      4. Cover; ATH after dehydration in fuel generated on the surface of Al2O3 protective film, cut off oxygen, can be resistance Stop burning;

      Inorganic flame retardant with non-toxic harmless, and the advantage of price moderate, occupy more and more in the field of flame retardants Important position, I believe that the development of aluminum hydroxide flame retardants will be better and better.

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