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  • Aluminum hydroxide flame retardant modification technology and developing direction
  •   Aluminum hydroxide as a kind of environmentally friendly inorganic flame retardants, expanding the scope of its application field and application. Although aluminum hydroxide flame retardant has excellent flame retardant, smoke suppression and produce the function, such as flame retardant synergistic effect with other substances is finding wider and wider application in the field of polymer flame retardant, but its surface hydrophilic oleophobic, affinity and non-polar materials is poor, hard to evenly dispersed in the polymer matrix, which limits its application. Therefore, how to improve the mechanical properties of aluminum hydroxide flame retardant polymer, is one of the main topics need to be solved. The present method are greatly enhanced, surface modification and synergies As well as high purification and so on.

      As application scope expands unceasingly, the development direction of aluminum hydroxide flame retardants are studied. Small make up after collected, it is concluded that the development of aluminum hydroxide flame retardant in the future should be working towards the following aspects:

      1. The research and development of aluminum hydroxide composite flame retardant, choose other flame retardants and aluminum hydroxide are suitable Close, use of flame retardant synergistic effect, reduce the addition amount, improve the flame retardant performance;

      2. Super detailed research to enhance the interaction interface, effectively improve the mechanical properties of the blend material;

      3. The development of surface treatment and surface modification technology of colleges and universities, to further increase the stability of aluminium hydroxide Qualitative, restrain particles occurs between two or more reunion in improve the flame retardancy and reduce the impact on the materials mechanical properties;

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