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  • Some ways to talk about aluminum hydroxide in the alibaba
  •   Our company has just opened trust pass one and a half months, every day around BBS, watching video learning, how to increase the flow, improve conversion rate.

      Say first ranking this piece, please: on baidu, BBS, video interpretation in the ranking method I used (which may be less I understand), effect is not too ideal, note: we are chemical raw material products. In ali belongs to the third kind of product.

      The first is a day to resend the information (have been done now)

      The second is resend the information at the same time every day to ali update information time synchronization (second clock method I test for a week)

      Third attention keywords changes (you can watch ali index, baidu index, ali with baidu recently the product popular keyword search, search for aluminum hydroxide, the following will appear aluminum hydroxide flame retardant, high white aluminum hydroxide, etc.)

      A fourth update product information, change pictures, product description, and so on.

      Has effect, and is not so stable, first page 20, up and down in the morning to 13 in the afternoon, sometimes at night in the first 10 pages, ranking is very unstable. Note: ranked one of the best product (transaction number)

      Now for my own use method: the first + the second, third, then every post new information, new product information, ranking the front, but for long, will be after a long day to compare on the pages.

      Repeat every day to attract traffic, and ultimately will have transaction number of products in the company to the front of the same products.

      Above is only for personal use, the method of are for reference only, hope we can communicate more in the future for personal use to rank method, thank you.

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